Your Dog Loves The Baby Talk

If you’re a dog owner, then talking to your dog as though he or she is your baby should come naturally to you, right? For many, even if a dog that isn’t theirs walks by, they can’t help themselves but to start cooing them like a little baby in a stroller. ¬†This is done in most cases without even realizing the connection. Have you ever thought about why we do this?
Well as it turns out, the baby talk you love engaging in with your dog has been shown to both serve not only your own satisfaction, but also that of your dog.
It’s the perfect way to be a parent without having to have real children, and you get to emotionally connect with your dog on the deepest level possible.
The study published in the Animal Cognition journal observed people’s relationship’s with their dogs, and aimed to measure whether the dogs preferred dog direction speech, meaning your baby voice, or adult directed speech, the things you’d say to anyone else.
The results revealed that the dogs were much more responsive when being talked to in the baby voice.  With all things being said, keep up the baby voice.