Zoo Worker Reveals The Coolest Animal Facts

A zoo docent is a volunteer that educates guests about the animals, conversations projects and of course helps them find the restroom.  One zoo docent has revealed that her job is a huge commitment. She has to learn all of the names and ages of the animals in the facility and is constantly learning more about the animals every day. Here are some of the coolest facts about the animals that she’s revealed.


The Truth About Santa’s Reindeer’s



Reindeer’s are in fact the only deer that both females and males grow antlers. However, the males shed their at the start of December, while the females in the spring. What this means is that all of Santa’s reindeer are female.




Self-Aware Elephants 



Elephants are one of a small amount of animals that are able to pass the mirror test, meaning they can recognize their own reflection without thinking that they are looking at another animal. 



Flamingo’s Joints 



People often think that flamingo’s bend their knees the wrong way. Well, they don’t, it’s just that the joint you see in the middle of the leg is in fact their ankle. Their knee is right by their body and it bends the same way that those of human does. 



Awkwardly Walking Kangaroos 



Kangaroos cannot move their legs independently of each other, so they have to move them in sync while walking on land. While swimming however they can move them separately. Their most efficient way to move is to hop. 


Gorilla’s Soap Opera



Gorillas actually get crushes on each other, and even on the humans that take care of them too. It can start to become a soap opera in the zoo.